Ford Mustang Tops Dodge Challenger in 2022 Q1 Sales

Sales numbers are in for the first three months of 2022 and as has been the case in each of the past few years, the Ford Mustang was the bestselling two-door performance car sold in the USA. The Mustang narrowly outsold the Dodge Challenger while both vehicle stomped the Chevrolet Camaro, which continues to post new historic low sales numbers.

2022 Ford Mustang

Mustang Wins Q1

Ford sold a total of 13,986 examples of the Mustang through the first three months of 2022, with the strongest month coming in January, where the Motor Company sent 5,671 new pony cars out into the world. While that total figure allowed the Mustang to lead the segment to start 2022, this marks the first time that Ford has sold less than 14,000 Mustangs in Q1 during the 11-year span in which I’ve been keeping track of American performance car sales.

In past first quarters, Ford has sold 17,274 Mustangs in 2021, 18,069 in 2020 and 16,917 in 2019, so the first three months of this year have not been good, but they certainly could have been worse.

For those wondering, these numbers do not include the Mustang Mach E SUV, which sold 2,363 units – down 10% from 2022.

Challenger Claims Second

The Dodge Challenger also had a pretty shaky quarter to start 2022 with just 11,124 units sold. That is the lowest Challenger sales total for Q1 since 2014, so in other words, this is the worst start to a year since the modern version of the car was introduced for the 2015 model year.

2022 Dodge Challenger

Seeing as how the segment and the industry as a whole have been down for the past few years, coupled with the fact that Dodge hasn’t made any major changes to the car since 2015, it is pretty impressive that it took this long to see a significant slump in sales numbers.

Camaro Continues to Slide

In the first quarter of 2022, Chevrolet sold just 6,710 Camaros. That is the worst Q1 for the Camaro in my 11 years of covering the segment and the fourth-worst overall. After selling just 21,893 Camaros in 2021 – the worst total in the history of the nameplate dating back to the 1960s – it comes as little surprise that sales of the bowtie-clad muscle car continue to slide downward. As bad as 2021 was for the Camaro, 2022 is looking even worse, starting the year off down more than 300 units from last year.

In short, 2022 has started off very much like 2021, with the Ford Mustang leading the Dodge Challenger in the segment sales race while the Chevrolet Camaro continues to coast towards its inevitable end.

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