Is Fiat bringing back the 500?

Fiat came into North America with one car, its new 500 subcompact. As sales plummeted the company tried to entice customers with a standard turbocharger, to no avail, and today the 500X is Fiat’s sole car—the 500L and 124 Spider both having disappeared as well.

2022 Fiat 500 electric (BEV)

Fiat is due to show a new car at the Los Angeles car show this month, and given that the LA show is mainly given to electric-car launches, it’s possible it will be the new-generation electric 500 already selling in Europe. That car, a bit larger than the last 500 and thoroughly re-engineered, could be the first Chrysler/FCA US battery-electric sold in the United States since the end of the 1990s’ electric minivans. If not, the first BEV is likely to be a version of the ProMaster already on sale in Europe.

Pictured: Fiat 500e electric car

6 thoughts on “Is Fiat bringing back the 500?”

  1. They just don’t get it. Fiat is, effectively, toxic in the US. They should just stop trying for a Fiat revival on this side of the pond. It’s a tremendous drag on Stellantis’ resources to keep pushing anything with the Fiat nameplate, or even any vehicle with known Fiat underpinnings, in the US.

  2. Personally I think the 500 e, larger and updated would be a wise move. Fiat has to begin a comeback somewhere and this looks good to me

  3. Electric 500 model, the 500E was brought in from 2013 to 2019 and were sold new only in California and Oregon. They are sold as used cars throughout the US and FIAT dealers outside of California and Oregon had to execute a special service agreement and get technical training to do warranty repairs.

    • That is true but now there is much more demand for electric cars. This is also a completely new version, bigger than the original and much better.

  4. I own one of the original 500e cars. This car does EXACTLY what it was designed for. Me and moma go to work, run errands, go to doc appointments. It truly is the perfect city car. If I need to haul I use my ram if we want to travel we use the Magnum. And if we want to step out we use momas jag. We use the 500e about 90% of the time! I have had not one single thing go wrong on the car. The only thing i’ve needed to do is replace tires. The dependability has been astounding. I feel the reason Fiat doesn’t sell in the USA is there is dam near no advertising.

  5. Rebrand them as Plymouths for North America get the pricing right and they won’t be able to make enough of them.

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