Jeep: “Name the electric Wagoneer for us”

Apparently not wanting to go the route of GM (adding “BEV” to the Silverado and calling it quits), Jeep is asking the world to provide a name for the electric Wagoneer — which observant people may have noticed is referred to as just “Wagoneer,” not “Jeep Wagoneer.”

electric jeep wagoneer

The forthcoming battery-electric Wagoneer will not share the current models’ Ram 1500-based chassis, but will live on the STLA Large electric-vehicle platform along with the Jeep Recon and Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. The company has shown a preproduction Wagoneer electric vehicle under the name Wagoneer S.

The contest portion is only available to United States residents who are at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama and Nebraska, and 21 in Mississippi). The prize is not a Wagoneer but a seven-day trip to the Jackson Hole resort.  More information…

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