Jeep: “Name the electric Wagoneer for us”

Apparently not wanting to go the route of GM (adding “BEV” to the Silverado and calling it quits), Jeep is asking the world to provide a name for the electric Wagoneer — which observant people may have noticed is referred to as just “Wagoneer,” not “Jeep Wagoneer.”

electric jeep wagoneer

The forthcoming battery-electric Wagoneer will not share the current models’ Ram 1500-based chassis, but will live on the STLA Large electric-vehicle platform along with the Jeep Recon and Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. The company has shown a preproduction Wagoneer electric vehicle under the name Wagoneer S.

The contest portion is only available to United States residents who are at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama and Nebraska, and 21 in Mississippi). The prize is not a Wagoneer but a seven-day trip to the Jackson Hole resort.  More information…

3 thoughts on “Jeep: “Name the electric Wagoneer for us””

  1. Wagoneer Nighthawk. We already have the trailhawk and trackhawk, Wagoneer Nighthawk would be for it being sophisticated for a night out on the town yet with more than enough performance to outperform the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

  2. I think I just came up with the silliest, most ricer thing of all for EVs and it was kind of inspired by the Fratzonic exhaust on the Banshee. It’s so goofy it might actually be genius. Okay, so EVs have to make some kind of sound so Dodge and other companies are trying to make actually cool EV sounds for their performane vehicles but not “fake V8” sounds for these things. Now Dodge is touting this new Banshee to be loud like a hellcat, but what is one thing everyone listens to when it comes to the Hellcat? The supercharger. Now EV’s don’t need a big air compressor on top of them for power boosts, but what they do need is cooling. Now, call me crazy but what if the next big thing for EV performance has everything to do with keeping the motors and batteries cool so they don’t overheat and have issues while making a performance sound? I keep refering back to the cooling systems on gaming computers because they are extremely intriguing to me but I can’t help but wanting to think that this could be a way for us gearheads to still tinker with these cars. My thought is to have a cooling system with front mount heat exchangers with a supercharger style pump that has the same kind of sound as a roots style supercharger offered in different sizes. Seeing that battery thermal management systems are a thing, why not make it cool? Idk, just a crazy thought that popped into my head and although it has nothing to do with naming this sexy cool jeep thing. Since this an EV post, it was about the best place I could put it. Enjoy the holiday season guys. see ya’ll on the next post!

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