Jeep to be all-hybrid-or-BEV in EU

Detroit News wrote that Jeep is dropping its pure-gasoline and diesel options in “major European countries” at the end of this year. The only Jeeps will be hybrids until Jeep’s first all-electric, which appears to be a Renegade-sized  two-door crossover, debuts. That will just be the first Jeep battery-electric (BEV) in Europe; it should have one in each segment within three years.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

According to the article, which quoted Jeep leader Christian Meunier, the 4xe hybrid takes around 25% of Wrangler sales in North America, and is limited by engine production. He said the Grand Cherokee would probably also end up being around 25% 4xe—and that supply issues with the 4xe are likely to ease by the end of the year.


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