Kokomo deal reached, may end strike

Kokomo Casting employees at UAW Local 1166 went on strike recently to demand repairs to the heat/vent/air conditioning systems, health and safety improvements, clean uniforms (which are provided to workers in other plants), and work rule adjustments.

Kokomo casting

Today, Detroit News reported that the company and union had reached a tentative agreement for a new local contract; union leaders presented the deal to members today, and voting will continue until 5 pm. The union’s demands are not new; they have been negotiating on these topics since 2019, according to the Detroit News story. A Stellantis spokesman confirmed that a deal had been reached, but would not comment since it has not been ratified. 

Kokomo Casting was built in 1965; it is the largest die-cast facility in the world, making aluminum powertrain parts including engine blocks. Most recently, the plant was set to produce 1.6 liter blocks for two future Stellantis vehicles in North America. 

Story via UAW as cited at Allpar

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