Mopar misses Monday master recall list

This week, no Stellantis vehicles were included in the NHTSA’s weekly roundup of recent relevant recalls. The same can’t be said for other automakers, with Mercedes perhaps having the most embarassing-sounding recall: the S500 can have an “insufficiently attached dashboard.” In addition, GLE and GLS models may have a loss of steering, AMG G63s can crack their differential housing, and two other AMGs can have a their center console fly open in a crash.

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

Other notable recalls included Ford Bronco’s improperly-secured side impact sensors and various trucks with peeling paint on their fuel tanks, which can cause a leak; GM had one vehicle (Equinox/Terrain) whose passenger airbag might deploy even with a child seat in place, and another Bolt fire risk, this time from the seat belt pretensioner. The list for passenger cars finished up with the Hyundai Kona (coolant leak can cause stalling in the EV) and Honda/Acura TLX (damaged tire bead). Other recalls involved specialty automakers—Prevost, Polestar, Airstream, Lightning eMotors, and PACCAR (Peterbilt).

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