More electric-Ram teaser drawing; Ram 3500 EV

Ram released two more sketches which may show the styling direction for the electric Ram 1500, which now has a projected release date of 2024. Future heavy duty Rams will, according to the strategy presentation, use hydrogen fuel cells rather than batteries to power their electric motors, though buyers can also expect Cummins diesels to remain as long as Ram can get away with it. (Cummins itself has been working on hydrogen power for years, and their solution might or might not end up powering a future Ram 3500.)

2024 BEV electric Ram 1500

The pickup will sit on the unsurprisingly named STLA Frame platform, which is to have an all-electric range of up to 500 miles (the top range will most likely be an optional package). It is the third full-size pickup from major automakers to be announced, with the well-named Ford F-150 Lightning coming first and the unimaginatively named Chevrolet Silverado BEV on its heels; while Tesla announced its “Cybertruck” first, there does not seem to have been any actual intent to make them at the time, and production dates have been sliding back.

electric Ram 1500 teaser

The Ram sketch is consistent, to some degree, with prior sketches, including lighting for the brand name (also used for the Dodge fratzog in sketches of a future electric muscle car). Only Ram officials know how close this drawing is to actual stock.

Ram styling is being tested out on a volunteer panel of customers and enthusiasts. At this point it appears that the truck will have different styling from the gasoline and diesel versions.

Ram BEV cutaway

A battery-electric (BEV) ProMaster is coming next year, following the BEV Fiat vans in Europe. Amazon is apparently happy with the gasoline-powered ProMasters they have been buying by the thousand, because they have committed to buy the battery-powered ProMasters in the United States in 2025 despite a huge contract for Rivian vans.

Still to come is a pickup to replace the D-50 or Dakota; not much is known about this, and it’s quite possible the people at Stellantis haven’t decided what to do yet. Outside the United States, the company has Fiat compact pickups and Peugeot midsize pickups, made in a joint venture with a Chinese company; Fiat Chrysler had a new version of the old D-50, engineered and made by Mitsubishi.

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