Night Tour: Inside the firefighter’s life

For many years, Bob Lincoln provided Allpar readers (and those who came to the Chryslers at Carlisle shows) with step by step guides and advice on their daily-driver Mopars, from little turbo fours to Dodge pickups. His guidance, especially on electronics, was bolstered by his day job working on scientific instruments.

Besides these pursuits, Bob Lincoln was a volunteer fireman for many years. To raise money for charity, he wrote a book, Night Tour, which describes the experience in a series of anecdotes.

Night Tour

The book is gripping and well written, providing a glimpse into the worlds of firefighting and emergency medical services in a busy urban town. Shootings, overdoses, accidents, and absurdities all come together in this series of vignettes, provided in roughly chronological order. Unlike some memoirs, Night Tour has little editorializing and doesn’t require the reader to jump back and forth in time; it’s easy for the reader to follow along, even if the reader knows nothing of fire fighting or EMS.

The book is highly readable, educational, and available now from Barnes & Noble Press. According to Bob, a Kindle version may be in the works.


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