Nissan van drop may help ProMaster

The Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City may gain some sales as Nissan stopped making its NV cargo and passenger vans last month.

2023 Ram ProMaster

The NV was made in Mississippi and Mexico; sales were fairly marginal, though versions were sold by General Motors. GM will continue to make the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana, despite marginal sales, in their Missouri plant. Both vans are projected to switch to battery-electric power in around four years.

ProMaster sales have been rising, partly as a result of Amazon’s decision to rely more heavily on them. Amazon is expected, though, to also buy a huge number of Rivian electric vans; the retailer has a hefty share of the electric car company. The 2022 and 2023 ProMasters have had extensive improvements in driver convenience, comfort, and safety features. Electric versions are coming to the United States to compete with GM’s BrightDrop and Rivian’s vans (the BrightDrop may be sold as a Chevrolet, as well).

2 thoughts on “Nissan van drop may help ProMaster”

  1. The Promaster finally got the 9 speed, now it needs to dump the 3.6 for the 2.0. It’s kinda hard to take advantage of that 9th gear without the low end torque of a modern turbocharged engine. Give the Promaster the 2.0, and the Promaster City the 1.3.

  2. Nissan still makes Vans, just not in North america, in Europe too but they’re selling rebadged versions of the Renault ones. Honestly i still don’t understand why they didn’t try to produce or sell the Renault ones in North America?

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