Pacifica PHEV recall: “Please don’t charge them”

Chrysler is asking around twenty thousand 2017-18 Pacifica PHEV owners to park the cars outside, away from structures and other vehicles, and to avoid charging them, after twelve vehicle fires—all among cars that were parked and turned off.

2018 Pacifica PHEV

The recall comes in the same week that Hyundai/Kia asked half a million car and SUV owners to park outside, also due to fire risk. In Hyundai’s case, the antilock brake computer can short out and start a fire. In Chrysler’s, the reason for the fires remains unknown.

The company pointed out that Jeep PHEVs, with 4xe systems, are not affected.

The recall includes 16,741 vehicles in the US, 2,317 in Canada, and 750 outside those countries. The company is working to find the cause of the fires.

U.S. customers with additional questions or concerns may call 1-800-853-1403. Canadian customers may call 1-800-387-9983 (FR) or 1-800-465-2001 (EN). Other customers can call the number in their owner’s manual or warranty book.

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