ProMaster City to be dropped

For years, the ProMaster City, imported from Europe with little design change, was overlooked in favor of the Ford Transit Connect and Ram’s own full-sized ProMaster vans. While the ProMaster City held definite advantages while working in cities (particularly dense city centers such as Manhattan), it sold in small numbers—and, as one of two vehicles left with the 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine in the United States, would need a fairly hefty investment to keep going.

2018 promaster city

The ProMaster City has only had minor updates since its launch in the United States in 2015. U.S. sales never even hit 20,000 per year.

Automotive News reported that Ford is killing off the Transit Connect at the end of next year (2023); their reporter, Vince Bond, Jr., reported that the ProMaster City won’t see the 2023 model year, and also noted that Nissan dropped North American sales of all commercial vans last year. The Chevrolet City Express, supplied by Nissan, was dropped back in 2018. The European version of the ProMaster City has also been replaced by a Peugeot design; all ProMaster Citys in the United States and Canada were made in the same plant as the old Fiat Doblò. While the Peugeot could theoretically be made legal and practical in the U.S. and Canada, it would be a money-losing proposition.

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  1. Well the main issue for these type of vehicule is what you call “chiken” tax in the USA, all imported small trucks receive an 25% tax. Since the article relate it the sales are too low to produce these vehicules in North america compared to the thousands who sells in Europe, the Doblo has been upgraded this year in Europe, the Ford connect is also brand new and even Nissan sells the Townstar (a rebadged Renault Kangoo).

  2. The market is too small obviously for American brands to make the investment. Pro Master get more attention and updates to fill the void. Surprise that it dies in Europe too. Could be a future collectible someday. Just kidding.

      • Not sure I got this right. Pro Master City dead or next generation on its way off another Stellantis platform. So many van/truck donor candidates under the Stellantis umbrella it’s overwhelming. Mid and small Ram trucks lacking and why give up on the Pro Master City If Developmental costs could be slashed by using donors? Brazil has been producing some interesting things.

        • ProMaster City is dead. Doblò survives on Peugeot platform.

          It costs a few million to certify a new vehicle with a new powertrain (crash and pollution and mileage tests and such). Divide that by around 100,000 sales over ten years and you get too much cost…

        • The doblo has been updated this Year in Europe, now it’s a clone of the Peugeot Partner, but Stellantis has also a larger version with the Peugeot Expert or Fiat Scudo who competes in size with the Mercedes Metris (Vito in Europe). Both véhicules are sitting on the EMP2 platform who will become STLA Medium, and i didn’t precise but Citroen, Opel and even Toyota (for Europe only) offer clones of these vans and if i’m not wrong they are also produced in South America (Brazil or/and Argentina?)

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