Ram teasing electric pickup as Ford starts production, GM shows real metal

Ram teased an electric 1500 pickup on its social media channels (but not the media site) today, as Ford prepares for the official production launch of an electric F-150. Chevrolet, for its part, displayed its electric Silverado 1500 at the New York Auto Show last week.

Ram had a brief, 15-second animation sending people to the RamRevolution.com web site.

ram 1500 BEV teaser

This follows images provided on the company’s EV day event—and comes on the same day as Ars Technica’s report on new Corvettes that are either battery-electric (BEV) or AWD with a rear-engine, front-motor format.

Ram BEV cutaway

Ram’s own electric pickup is due for 2024, with a range of up to 500 miles. Not much is known about it. GM recently announced a heat-energy recycling setup on its own Ultium vehicles, which appears to store waste heat while driving for use pre-heating the batteries and cabin on cold days; Toyota has long used what seems to be a similar setup for quickly heating the cabin.

Silverado BEV

The Ford has a top range of 320 miles and can tow up to 10,000 pounds (though that will likely cut range to around 180 miles); it can charge most of the way in 41 minutes, with the maximum range option. GM’s poorly named Silverado BEV is to start production next year, but the Hummer EV has been in production for a while.

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