Renegade, Compass getting 48V hybrid setup

The Jeep Renegade and Compass and Fiat 500X and Tipo will soon have 48-volt hybrid variants, according to a release from Magna, which is supplying their hybrid transmissions.

Magna, a global parts maker headquartered in Canada, bid on Chrysler but lost out to Cerberus.

Compass-Renegade hybrid

The Magna hybrid transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch setup which can split torque between the combustion engine and electric motor. Cars can run on 100% combustion or 100% electric. The new transmission has independent, on-demand clutch and motor cooling; a single circuit provides oil for both boiling and lubrication. Magna claims “significant CO2 reductions in WLTC and real-world driving.”

Stellantis and Magna have a multi-program agreement, according to the release. These particular transmissions will be made in Slovakia.

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