Second inline six planned for heavy duty Rams

The twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder GME engine provides the performance needed to displace the Hemi V8, with a wider torque band, a smaller physical space, and with over a hundred pounds less weight; but some Ram enthusiasts have expressed concern that it would not be sufficient for the big pickups. In particular, they fear it may not be a worthy engine in the Ram 3500 and chassis cabs, which currently have a choice of Cummins diesel or a special 6.4 liter Hemi that’s designed for grunt and durability more than acceleration.

New inclined six for trucks
Assembly line is already being prepared for the new truck engine

According to rumors in Auburn Hills, a second engine is planned for these trucks. It, too, would be an inline six-cylinder, but engineered specifically for truck engines. The new engine is rumored to be larger—3.7 liters—and to have a more traditional design, other than an odd 30° tilt. A source within Engineering told us that it was tilted over to make room for accessories on the side so that it could fit into smaller engine bays; and to provide space for a better air path, increasing its efficiency.

The new “inclined six” engine will be more attuned to traditional enthusiasts’ desires, eschewing direct injection and stop/start systems. Though that will result in lower gas mileage, Ram will also have a hydrogen fuel cell option which may find a hefty number of fleet sales to compensate for any losses.

slant six combustion chamber

A special fuel delivery system, installed by dealerships, will be available for much higher power. One source claimed that a diesel version of this system was developed and tested by a contractor, but the company decided not to go forward with it.

The new engine, coded “Reggie” (departing from the military plane naming scheme), has an aluminum-alloy block and head. The intake manifold, using “bunch of bananas” technology, has a designed-in supercharging effect. It will be made at Trenton Engine.

(Much more information has come in since this story was posted on April 1. See our update.)

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