STLA replacing supply chain chief, doubling down on battery recycling

Even as the Stellantis CEO argues against battery-electric vehicles in global media, Stellantis is doubling down on its plan to make money from recycling batteries and other car components by creating a new position: Senior Vice President of Circular Economy. The first SVP in this role will be Alison Jones, who is currently in charge of UK sales; she will report to Chief Affiliates Officer Philippe de Rovira.

circular economy (cradle to cradle)

Stellantis previously announced its desire to increase recycling revenues by a factor of ten by the year 2030. Battery recycling is an increasingly large business, and General Motors recently announced it would be working with an independent firm created by a former Tesla leader. Alison Jones will also be responsible for post-purchase owner services revenue.

Other leadership changes at Stellantis, include Paul Willcox (leader of Vauxhall) moving up to replace Alison Jones, without being replaced so that the UK organization can be simplified. Florian Huettl is replacing Uwe Hochgeschurtz as Opel/Vauxhall CEO; he joined Stellantis last year. Uwe Hochgeschurtz has been promoted to Enlarged Europe CEO, replacing Maxime Picat, who is now in charge of global purchasing and supply chain management. Michelle Wen, the former head of purchasing, “will pursue personal projects.” Stellantis has been hit especially hard by supply-chain shortages, but this may be more a matter of corporate policy than Wen’s own work; the CEO, Carlos Tavares, has said on several occasions that he expects suppliers to take a share of the “hit” from moving to BEVs.

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