Surprise: Windsor to get large cars; current model production extended

The Windsor plant will be making cars built on STLA Large, presumably sending minivan assembly elsewhere.

Production of the cars at Brampton will continue into 2024, later than previously thought (2023 had been forecast). At that point, Brampton will begin retooling, with production to resume in 2025 on an “all-new, flexible architecture to support the company’s electrification plans.”

Windsor plant

Windsor will be able to make battery-electric versions of multiple models, after a retooling which will begin next year.

Yet to be announced is the future fate of the Belvidere plant which currently makes Cherokees—which are expected to end production in mid-2023. It is possible this plant will take up a replacement product based on the SUSW platform/architecture (e.g., an adaption of the Jeep Meridian) or the new STLA Small or Medium platforms. Many believed that Belvidere would take over production of the next-generation “LB” Challenger and “code unknown” Charger, and that is still possible if they are not sharing STLA Large.

Source: FCA US press release.

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