Warren cuts a shift

Warren Truck, which makes bookenders Ram Classic and Jeep Wagoneer, is cutting its third shift due to the microchip shortage and, according to a company statement, to increase efficiency.

Tavares at Warren with Ragalyi, Resha

Senior employees will go to the remaining two shifts and part-time workers will have their hours cut, according to the statement; workers may also be moved to other local plants. Warren is fairly close to the Sterling Heights plant and within commuting distance of the Detroit Assembly Complex (Mack/Jefferson). There are no layoffs.

Detroit News’ Breana Noble reported that Stellantis’ head of manufacturing wrote a letter saying that “The defects in the trucks is above unacceptable and absenteeism is at 15%.” The plant must address both issues by March 2023 or lose future products. According to a union official, paint shop quality has improved; he encouraged union members to help bolster general assembly quality as well.

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