Watch the 2022 Legion of Demons Event Online This Weekend

The Legion of Demons is an organization run by owners of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and each year, the group holds a weekend of racing. At first, the event was only open to Demon owners, but over the past four years, the organizers have expanded the event to include other modern Mopar owners. As a result, the Legion of Demons has effectively evolved into the Legion of Mopar, but at the end of the day, the 2018 Demon is the featured vehicle at this event.

Legion of Demons Racing

The 2022 Legion of Demons event is being held this weekend at Houston Raceway Park. This is the fourth installation of the event and, as is usually the case, the event is sold out to racers. Also, it is not open to spectators, but thanks to the crew at Drag Racer TV, we can all watch the Legion of Demons event from home.

We have included the YouTube link to the current live stream below, but to keep up on the live coverage, click here to visit the DragRacer TV Facebook page. That is where you can find the link to the feed during live coverage. Also, the DragRacer TV YouTube channel will have the videos to watch after live coverage has ended, so if you miss the live action, you can watch at your convenience.

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