Will there be a last run of the 392-powered 300C? (Updated)

Chrysler’s revival is due in mid-to-late 2024 with a series of electric and possibly “electrified” (hybrid-electric) vehicles. That makes the marque’s recent Facebook post all the more puzzling:

Chrysler Power 2023

The range of explanations includes a special-edition Chrysler 300C, powered by the 392 engine—an engine whose displacement intentionally replicates that of the biggest and most powerful of the first-generation Hemi V8s. The company still makes 392-powered Chrysler 300s, but only for export. Making a last run for North America would be expensive because of crash, emissions, and economy tests, but it would not be a real engineering problem—especially since there is already a 392-powered Dodge Charger.

1957 Chrysler 300C

This seems most likely since it would be a 2023 model; a Chrysler 300 special edition was already confirmed by the company, but at the time it seemed more likely to be an appearance-and-Mopar-add-ons package. The first 300 “letter car” was the 1955 C300; the 1956 300B had a 354 Hemi (5.7 liters) with up to 355 bhp. The classic 1957 Chrysler 300C boasted a 392 Hemi V8 with 375 and 390 bhp forms. (Brake horsepower, bhp, is roughly 30-50 lower than today’s net horsepower, so the hotter 392 likely produced the equivalent of 350 hp by today’s standards. It was enough to be the highest-power engine of any standard-production car in America.)

The other likely explanations could be reveals of other battery-electric cars. Indeed, it’s possible that the company will show off prototypes or concepts of its 2024-calendar-year cars in 2023, just as it showed the Airflow concept already in 2022.

Update: Chrysler has announced a reveal of a “special edition Chrysler vehicle” on September 13, at 6 pm at the Spirit of Detroit plaza (press pass required). The presentation will be made by Chris Feuell, Chrysler’s chief executive. This makes a revival of the 300C most likely; and the most faithful rendition of a 1957 300C, if not the 21st-century comeback, would have a 392 Hemi.

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  1. It is problematic for the Chrysler brand to lack so much product for so long a projected time without something new. The rebranding of some kind of SUV, from a source within the Stellantis universe seems almost inconceivable given this risky lack of new product. There are no potential donor SUVs in this Company worthy of the Chrysler brand. Abandoning the current 300 without a life extension refresh a wise decision? It boggles my modestly endowed mind that this seems possible, but perhaps someone at Chrysler is thinking this way too. 2025 is a long wait and the possible damage to the Chrysler brand is too obvious to ignore. Put a new Chrysler out there please.

  2. 2023 would be the 65th anniversary of the 1958 300D, the last of the original 300’s to be Hemi powered, also the 392. Food for thought…

  3. I’m amazed by, and appreciative of, the staying power this iteration of the 300 has had.

    Yes, FCA let the brand go far too long without new product, we all hate that. But on the bright side, the current 300 has held its own quite well despite the neglect, and for that it can hold its head high.

    I think it’s earned its place in Mopar history, and it’s a perfectly worthy chassis to be the last, true Chrysler 300 before the electrification consumes autodom.

  4. Check Chrysler.com! This is a 300 with more power, more luxury, and maybe some red brake calipers. The 300 is a surprisingly good car and this version could be great. Too late but I vote for some 1957 300C style chrome and some of that Lancia Thema trim on the inside.

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