Will there be a last run of the 392-powered 300C? (Updated)

Chrysler’s revival is due in mid-to-late 2024 with a series of electric and possibly “electrified” (hybrid-electric) vehicles. That makes the marque’s recent Facebook post all the more puzzling:

Chrysler Power 2023

The range of explanations includes a special-edition Chrysler 300C, powered by the 392 engine—an engine whose displacement intentionally replicates that of the biggest and most powerful of the first-generation Hemi V8s. The company still makes 392-powered Chrysler 300s, but only for export. Making a last run for North America would be expensive because of crash, emissions, and economy tests, but it would not be a real engineering problem—especially since there is already a 392-powered Dodge Charger.

1957 Chrysler 300C

This seems most likely since it would be a 2023 model; a Chrysler 300 special edition was already confirmed by the company, but at the time it seemed more likely to be an appearance-and-Mopar-add-ons package. The first 300 “letter car” was the 1955 C300; the 1956 300B had a 354 Hemi (5.7 liters) with up to 355 bhp. The classic 1957 Chrysler 300C boasted a 392 Hemi V8 with 375 and 390 bhp forms. (Brake horsepower, bhp, is roughly 30-50 lower than today’s net horsepower, so the hotter 392 likely produced the equivalent of 350 hp by today’s standards. It was enough to be the highest-power engine of any standard-production car in America.)

The other likely explanations could be reveals of other battery-electric cars. Indeed, it’s possible that the company will show off prototypes or concepts of its 2024-calendar-year cars in 2023, just as it showed the Airflow concept already in 2022.

Update: Chrysler has announced a reveal of a “special edition Chrysler vehicle” on September 13, at 6 pm at the Spirit of Detroit plaza (press pass required). The presentation will be made by Chris Feuell, Chrysler’s chief executive. This makes a revival of the 300C most likely; and the most faithful rendition of a 1957 300C, if not the 21st-century comeback, would have a 392 Hemi.

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