Wrangler triumphs at Rebelle Rally—Overall, Bone Stock, and Electrified

The Rebelle Rally had 45 teams driving vehicles from ten different automakers across over 1,440 miles (and no roads) in eight days.

Rebelle Rally Winning Jeep Wrangler 4xe
2021 Rebelle Rally: Nena Barlow and Teralin Petereit took the overall win in a Wrangler 4xe


Jeep-driving teams won again, taking the top two podium spots, repeating last year’s victories. The Jeep-supported team of Nena Barlow and Teralin Petereit took the most points in four of the seven stages, and never scored lower than third place in their completely stock Jeep Wrangler 4xe, gaining the overall title, with electrified class and bone stock class wins.

It was Petereit’s fourth overall win; Barlow has won four Bone Stock awards and two overall wins. The Wrangler 4xe remains the only electrified vehicle to win, as it was last year.

Jeeps have won six of seven overall wins in the Rebelle Rally’s history.

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