Zipcar’s sole American car is…

A few years ago, Zipcar’s CEO said they did not stock any American cars because their customers did not want to rent them.

It turns out there is one exception—not a Hellcat Challenger, as you might think, or even a ProMaster van. It’s a Jeep.

There may be other American vehicles in Zipcar’s fleet, but the Wrangler is the only American model to actually be advertised on its web site.

Zipcar requires a monthly or annual membership of $8 per month or $80 per year; after that, cars are rented on an hourly basis. The service is handy for city people who would have to pay for parking to own a car, though on a daily basis the fees are far higher than Enterprise and such. Renters can choose the make and model of vehicle.  (More at Wikipedia.)

2 thoughts on “Zipcar’s sole American car is…”

  1. At a $5 premium over the Hondas, who but all the most fuel-economy-conscious would choose anything else but the Wrangler? Oh, waitaminute, this is a service targeted towards Millennials. Probably all of them.

    • Commander, pacifica, and 4xe owner millennial. Move on to generaton z, we have families and live in the suburbs.

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