2024 Chrysler Grand Caravan, Pacifica updates

The 2024 Grand Caravan continues, but only in Canada, where it is a lower-cost version of the Pacifica. For 2024, new colors are the opposing Baltic Grey and Red Hot.

Pacifica PHEV 100,000

In the United States, changes range from clever to minor:

  • Emergency vehicle alerts in UConnect give drivers cluster and touch-screen notices of active fire trucks, ambulances, and other nearby roadway hazards
  • The PHEV will be sold in Select and Pinnacle versions; S, Premium S, and Road Tripper packages will be optional on the Select
  • As with Caravans, two new colors will be available—Red Hot and Baltic Grey (though the latter may be Americanized to Baltic Gray). Road Tripper will be available in Baltic.
  • Pinnacle gets a new and exclusive sepia interior, with quilted Nappa leather seats coupled with gray stitching and piping.

AWD will remain available on Touring L, Limited, and Pinnacle except PHEV versions.

Earlier this week, Chrysler made its 100,000 Pacifica PHEV.

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