450-mile Silverado EV may preview Ram REV pricing

Ram intends to have a 500-mile EPA-estimated range on its Ram 1500 REV next year; but the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado is set to arrive this year, and its pricing has already been announced (unlike Ram’s).

The 2024 Silverado EV work pickup, aimed at fleet buyers, will be able to run 450 miles on a charge, according to Automotive News, which quoted named a GM executive. The price, though, will start at $79,800 (including shipping).

Ram 1500 REV

A somewhat cheaper work truck, with 350 miles of range, is to start at $74,800. Chevrolet intends to start its electric pickup range at $41,595, including shipping.

A fully loaded pickup, the RST First Edition, will have an estimated 400 mile range and six-figure price, but will be loaded up with luxuries. That isn’t true for the work trucks. The GM pickups will use Ultium battery pack systems, which are repairable.

These prices suggest that a base model of the Ram 1500 REV is likely to run anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000, while the 500-mile version could cost more like $75,000. Ram has not commented on pricing of its pickups yet, and a direct Chevy-to-Ram comparison on size and capacity is not yet available.

Ram’s announced plan is to have a battery-driven Ram 1500 REV and hydrogen-powered Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups. These may or may not use Cummins B-engines as the current Ram Heavy Duty pickups do; Cummins is refitting the big diesel for hydrogen power.

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