Build and price your own Dodge Hornet

Dodge Hornets have been spotted on their way to dealerships, and have just been added to the Dodge Build & Price system.

2023 Dodge Hornet

Two models are available, GT and GT Plus. GT starts at $30,590 plus destination ($32,185 total); GT Plus starts at $35,490 (37,085). Both come with all wheel drive. On the GT, white or black paint is free, with other colors adding $495-595. 17” wheels are standard.

Both come with a 2-liter Hurricane Four—actually badged as Hurricane—and a nine-speed automatic. Fuel economy is still unavailable. An inventory search from a sample region showed that all cars listed were still listed as “being built,” but at least specific prices are now shown.

1 thought on “Build and price your own Dodge Hornet”

  1. Leave it up to Little Timmy to lie through his teeth, AGAIN! Hornet will be priced under $30K, smoking the competition. And don’t forget the “Paint to sample” option for an additional $10K. It pained me a great deal but I had to spring for the additional $95.00 (Plum Crazy Pearlcoat) to get my final Stellantis vehicle (I didn’t realize that the Hornet / Toenail were full-sized 3-rows) Bye-Bye, L.T. B.T.W. How’s that “Direct Connection” disaster doing?

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