Chrysler recaptured minivan title

Despite numerous plant shutdowns and a brand-new Toyota Sienna and semi-new Kia Carnival, Chrysler managed to hold onto the minivan crown, though it was a somewhat pyrrhic victory.  With sales at just under 100,000, Chrysler held steady with 2021, but every competitor plummeted in sales.

2023 Chrysler Pacifica Road Tripper minivan

The Sienna fell by 35%, despite a brand new all-hybrid lineup with excellent gas mileage that undercut the Pacifica Hybrid’s prices. Toyota only sold 69,751 Siennas. The Honda Odyssey continues its descent into the underworld, falling by a stunning 38% to 47,615 sales. Finally, Kia sold a mere 2,905 Sedonas and 16,801 Carnivals; the Carnival fell by 33% from 2021 sales. Kia sales overall were down by just 1% from last year; the Sportage had a remarkably good year with 125,245 sold (up by 32%) but that was their only truly major sales gain.

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