Dodge Pizza Oven Available for One Week Only

If you are a Dodge enthusiast who also loves to make your own pizza at home, the folks at Solo Stove have an exciting new product, but it is only available to order until February 6th. Solo Stove is a smokeless portable pizza oven that can be operated on either gas or wood, and since hitting the market, these small, stainless steel ovens have become very popular. In fact, the Solo Stove made the 2022 Oprah’s Favorite Things List and you don’t need to be an Oprah fan to know that the products on her lists tend to sell pretty well.

Dodge Solo Stove Pizza Oven

The item from Solo Stove is called the Pi Pizza Oven and it is designed to cook with wood or propane, although propane requires some extra components that are not included with the basic Pi Pizza Oven package. In standard form, the Pi Pizza Oven burns wood without creating any smoke, allowing you to make wood-fired pizzas at home or anywhere you want to take the portable oven. If you buy the optional Gas Burner assembly, you can also hook up to a propane grill tank and cook with gas.

Dodge Solo Stove Pizza Oven

Our friends at Dodge Garage recently shared the new Dodge Solo Stove Wood Fire Pizza Oven, which is the Pi Pizza Oven by a slightly different name. The Dodge Solo Stove is functionally identical to the unit that you would purchase from Solo Stove, except this one has the Dodge font and hashmark logo laser etched into the side.

Dodge Solo Stove Pizza Oven

The Dodge Solo Stove Wood Fire Pizza Oven is available for order from the Dodge Life website now through February 6th, so you only have a week to order, and it costs $599.95. If you want to upgrade to propane function, the Gas Burner assembly costs $174.99 from the Solo Stove website. So, for about $600, you can show off your Dodge brand enthusiasm and your wood-fired pizza making skills anywhere you go, while for about $750, you can have a portable dual fuel pizza over emblazoned with the Dodge logo.

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