Flaming Fords, bad shocks, loose belts, bad Mercedes pumps: the week’s recalls

The first week of June starts with a recall list dominated by Mercedes models from 2021 to 2023, as a common fuel pump could shut down and take the engine with it on a huge variety of models. This includes Sprinter and Metris vans as well as various AMG and Mercedes retail vehicles. While we’re in Germany, Porsche also reported in with recalls on a variety of 2016-2020 Macans and Panameras whose seat belt anchors may come loose; and 2022-23 911 GT3s whose dual center-mounted brake lights can both light up, confusing other drivers. (They have one in the spoiler and one in the vehicle.) Finally, BMW has some badly made chargers for the 2022-23 I4 and IX, and the 2023 760I. Overall, it was a bad week for “German Engineering.”

Ford on fire, Tesla steering wheel recalls

Ford had two recalls; the 2019-20 Fusion can catch fire or stall due to a damaged control module, and the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus may have “incorrectly manufactured” rear shocks.  Neither General Motors nor Stellantis reported any recalls for the week.

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