Ford goes traditional for Recall Monday; but it’s mostly trucks

Recall Monday brings us another week of recalls. We headlined the Jeep Wagoneer recall for trim which can interfere with airbags; this should usually be a quick, simple fix for the dealers. Ford, on the other hand, went truly traditional (for Ford) with yet another rollaway recall. The 2023 Ford Bronco may have an unsecured transmission, which can prevent the Park pawl from engaging. The fix is a new transmission.

Ford Bronco

It’s not going to be an earth-shattering recall: only two Broncos are affected, aside from one which has already been fixed. On the other hand, Ford was oddly unable to reach either of the two customers, so it may be wise to not park downhill from a Bronco, especially if it was made from February 17, 2023, through March 30, 2023.

There were a hefty number of truck and RV recalls for the week; mixed among them were a few more of the vehicles Stellpower tracks. These include 2024 Silverado and Sierra heavy duty pickups whose steering gear shafts may fracture; there are also 2024 Subaru Crosstreks and Imprezas with instrument panel harness damage, 2024 Mazda CX-90s which make “inaccurate pedestrian warning sounds,” 2024 Hyundai Tucsons with incorrect labels, 2023 Range Rover PHEVs with overheating batteries, and 2023 Hyundai Genesis GV60s with failing seat belts.

On the more embarassing side is a truck recall from Forest River for axles installed backwards; and two Mercedes recalls, 2022-23 Mercedes Maybachs with improperly secured grounds, and 2023 EQEs whose roof frame absorbers may detach. That sounds like an extensive repair.

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