Hornet on Build & Price, R/T price rumor

The Dodge Hornet GT, which is based on the Alfa Romeo Tonale, which is based on the Jeep Compass, has been on the Dodge Build & Price system; but now Motor1 has reported on the price of the R/T, as well.

Dodge Hornet cars pricing

The base model’s starting price has been known for a while. The GT, with its gasoline-only powertrain, is $30,590 plus destination and such. The GT Plus, with its quicker hybrid powertrain, starts at $35,490.

Looking at the GT, there is no spare tire—that’s $350 for a compact spare, possibly for gas-mileage reasons. White paint is free and black paint is free; all other colors (gray, blue, other blue, red, and gold) are around $500 or $600. Interiors are black, in cloth or Alcantara. However, the base telematics system has a massive 10.25 inch screen.

Option packages include:

  • Track Pack ($3000; Alcantara seats, 20-inch wheels, red calipers, dual mode suspension, bright pedals, leather steering, aluminum sills)
  • GT Blacktop ($2,000; 18-inch wheels, black trim and badges)
  • Tech Pack without parking assistance ($2,245; active driving assistance, intelligent cruise, front and rear parking assistance with stopping, surround view cameras, and drowsy driver detection)
  • Cold weather group (heated seats and steering wheel, remote start).

The total price, with the blue paint shown in the picture, is $32,185.

The GT Plus has the same paint colors and prices. For $500, buyers can get leather seats in Aculpulco Gold; the base seats are black leather. The telematics are the same as the GT—but with navigation.

Packages are the same as GT except for Tech Pack and Cold Weather Group which are included in the GT Plus.

What about the R/T, with its faster and better-mileage system? Motor1 reported that it’s $41,590 to start, but there’s no definite word yet. The maximum price, according to Motor1, will be over $53,000.

9 thoughts on “Hornet on Build & Price, R/T price rumor”

    • The compact Honda CR-V starts at over 31k the RAV4 starts just under that, and then get similarly equiped VW and Mazda is in same ball park.

      • And let’s not forget the best of the bunch. Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Steltos and Kia Sportage: Powerful “Four Cylinder Engines”, Real Transmissions as opposed to R.B.T.s (Rubber Band Transmission). Five Year / 60K Mile Bumper to Bumper, Ten Year / 100K Powertrain Warranties. All for the low-low price of $21K (Kona, Steltos); $25K (Tucson, Sportage). Again, just my $.02.

    • I think you should keep in mind that the real product onslaught is two years out and this is just clearing out the FCA pipeline. Something’s better than nothing.

      • I agree that “something is better than nothing” but I believe that the product onslaught was two years in the past. And don’t forget about Chrysler. One model does not project much excitement and confidence in the once iconic brand. Just my $.02.

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