Jeep, Ram, Chrysler unveilings tomorrow at the New York show

Update: see the Jeep news and the Ram news

On April 5, Jeep and Ram both had unveilings at the New York Auto Show, while Chrysler had a news item (a new option package for parents of autistic children). Ram started at 9:20 am, followed by Jeep at 11:35 am and then Chrysler at 2:30 pm.

Inside 2024 Jeep Wrangler Willys

The Recon and Wagoneer S were shown in photos during the Jeep presentation, but not in person. The little Avenger, sold in Europe, made no appearance at all. What we did see was the long-awaited 2024 Jeep Wrangler. One source had revealed a good deal of possibly valid information about the 2024 Jeeps, but while dealers could order them, they could not see the details. See the pre-launch press information, which we condensed and rewrote so you won’t have to, and some more that came out afterwards—with our photos from the New York Auto Show.

Ram 1500 REV

As for Ram, there were three major schools of thought. One has the Ram 1200 / Dakota replacement, which we found unlikely though it was shown to dealers last month. Next was a Ram based one of Cummins’ five different versions of the Ram Heavy Duty’s diesel B-engine.  What we really expected was the previously revealed Ram 1500 REV all-electric pickup truck, which has already been shown in one form but without many details; it is due for production next year. It turned out this was indeed what was shown:

The New York Auto Show opens to the public April 7-15; it includes the outdoor Jeep adventure, with numerous Jeeps triumphing over increasingly difficult obstacles.

Our coverage so far:

And on the Ram BEV also unveiled yesterday:


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