Mopars come last in Power Customer Service Index

Chrysler finished dead last in the 2023 J.D. Power Customer Service Index™, with Jeep, Ram, and Dodge separated from Chrysler’s last-place spot only by Hyundai, which came in second-to-last.  It was an odd result, given that Kia was close to average.

Specifically, on a thousand-point scale, Chrysler scored 803, Jeep 821, Ram 823, and Dodge 830. Hyundai was at 817, Kia at 835. (In the chart, STLA brands are denoted in teal for easier recognitino; GM in a darker blue; and Ford in purple).

Ford also fared poorly, and was the focus of headlines when the survey first hit the papers; Ford Truck and Ram Truck were apparently even at the bottom of truck satisfaction. Ford scored 832, just two points above Dodge.

2023 JD Power Satisfaction Survey™

The top scorer was one of the nichiest of all niche mass-market players, Mitsubishi, whose product line changed to all-hybrid a few years back. Mitsubishi scored 884. Mazda, #2, scored 870. The top American brand, and overall #3, was Buick at 867. Overall, General Motors did quite well compared to past performances, with Chevrolet and GMC tied for 853—between Mini and Nissan, and above Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

In the luxury side, Lexus unsurprisingly took top marks and was the only brand to be out of the 800s, with a score of exactly 900. Porsche was #2 at 880, followed instantly by Cadillac (879) and Infiniti (878).  Alfa Romeo scored unexpectedly well, at 860, close to the average though below BMW, Acura, and the other top brands; Alfa was well ahead of Mercedes (847).

While Genesis was the worst of the luxury brands at 819—below Jeep, Ram, and Dodge—it still outscored Chrysler, whose 300C used to compete directly with the Genesis sedan, generally outselling it. Ford’s luxury brand, Lincoln, ended up third from the bottom, at 835, between Tata-owned Jaguar (839) and Land Rover (824). All three were just below Mercedes (847).

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