Order a street-legal 1,025-hp Dodge Challenger now

Ordering for the world’s fastest and most powerful muscle car is now open. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 delivers 1025 hp on E85, with 945 lb-ft of torque; it runs a certified 8.91 second quarter mile at 151 mph. It is the final Dodge “Last Call” car—and the first-ever eight-second factory muscle car.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

Weighing in at $96,666 plus destination and gas-guzzler tax, the Challenger Demon 170 will have, at most, 3,000 cars for the USA and 300 for Canada. Actual production could be lower. Customer orders without dealer markup will get priority scheduling; original Challenger Demon owners can also have an option to match the last four digits of their car to their first Demon.

See how the Demon 170 differs from the Redeye to make 1,026 hp.

3 thoughts on “Order a street-legal 1,025-hp Dodge Challenger now”

  1. It would be nice if you could order a 170. It would also be nice if Dodge would not promote the vehicles and get you excited to buy one then be told no just kidding you cannot really have one. I really wanted a Demon, but my dealer did not get an allocation and the other dealers understandably offered them to their customers. I was waiting with excitement with the possibility of getting one of the 170’s. I contacted my dealer, and he said that yes, they did get an allocation but that the owner of the dealership is taking it like a lot of other dealers. It seems that this vehicle was made for mostly dealership owners unless they get more than one allocation.

    • There are something like 1,200 Chrysler dealers in the US and 3,000 cars. Going from vague memory of past events and this one might be different, dealers can be denied allocations because of low sales in general, low sales of this type of car (e.g. no Hellcats sold = no allocation), low customer service ratings, and/or pissing off the zone reps. As for dealership owners are taking first dibs, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work…

      • Unfortunately, it is working that way in some cases as I have experienced firsthand.
        I had placed an order for a Jailbreak in February that did not get picked up in February because many of the options were no longer available. Blackout that seems to be available on the 170, hood pins, gold fiber, gunmetal calipers. What is going on with that?

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