Pacifica PHEV “stalling” recall and stop-sale

An “unexpected engine shutdown can cause a loss of drive power” in the 2017-23 Pacifica PHEV—or, in the vernacular of pre-hybrid days, the minivans can stall out. The recall does not affect the gasoline-only minivans, only the plug-in hybrids; and only 0.2% of PHEVs have actually experienced the problem.

2018 Pacifica PHEV

laThe recall affects 67,217 vehicles in the US and 9,308 sold outside the country made before January 10, 2023 (the ex-US breakdown is 7,334 in Canada, three in Mexico, and 1,971 elsewhere).

The cause of the stall is the way the power inverter software handles a short in an internal transmission wiring connector; the solution is to update power inverter module and, in some cases, instrument panel software. An official statement noted that “A subsequent Company investigation linked the stalling reports to certain, rare vehicle-operating conditions. The recall remedy – a software update – detects these conditions, preserves propulsion, and activates an alert instructing the driver to exit traffic.”

There have been 242 warranty claims and 59 field reports related to the issue, from early 2018 to late 2022. There have been no known crashes, but Chrysler has still issued a stop-sale to dealers. The company’s direct line for questions is 1-800-853-1403.


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