Recall Monday: Wrangler and other companies

The Wrangler 4xe recall last week, which got perhaps more attention than it deserved (as only 1% of the vehicles actually have the flaw), grabbed headlines; but today’s list of recalls from the NHTSA is remarkably short, excluding as we always do commercial and recreational vehicles.

The worst recall belongs to Land Rover’s 2023 Defender, with improperly reinstalled brake calipers which “may detach.” Only 130 vehicles are included; these were modified for the TRek (their spelling) Off-Road Competition, and may not have been put back on properly.

GM instrument panels can go blank on the 2024 Encore GX, Envista, and Trax; 2022-24 Tundras may have the wrong capacity labels; and 2023-24 Honda Accords and HR-Vs may have unsecured seat belt pre-tensioners.

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