Registration is Open for the Dodge Last Call Event in Las Vegas

On March 20, 2023, the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights event will be held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with drag racing on The Strip. More importantly to some attendees, this event will host the world debut of the seventh and final “Last Call” special edition Dodge Challenger – which could be one of the brand’s most powerful production cars ever.

Dodge Roadkill Nights Las Vegas

As the name suggests, this event in Las Vegas will be similar to Roadkill Nights in Detroit, with a car show, drag racing, Dodge thrill rides, musical performances and a bunch of automotive celebrity appearances. What makes this Vegas Roadkill event unique from Detroit is that it will be the location of the debut of the final special edition Dodge Challenger . Of course, with this being the apparent end of the Hellcat era, this car will likely be the last big-power Dodge production car, but based on unofficial information, it may not run on gasoline. We expect that it will be tuned to run on E85 ethanol blend, which will lead to gobs more power. It will likely be fitted with the 3.0-liter IHI supercharger (from the Hellephant engine family) and make somewhere in the range of 900-950 horsepower. It will also likely be produced in fairly low numbers and it will likely be the most expensive Dodge product ever offered.

As for Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas, the gates open at noon on March 20th. At that point, the drag racing program will begin, along with thrill rides, racing simulators, the cruise-in display, exhibition runs and concessions open. The racing program will continue until 5pm, at which the racing stops and awards are given out.

At 6pm, the “Dodge Last Call” begins and all other activities end/close. Around this time, the final Last Call special edition Dodge Challenger will be introduced, presumably in a very impressive fashion.

At 7:30, there is a live performance by Grammy-winner Diplo and the event ends at 9pm.

Dodge Roadkill Nights Las Vegas

Spectator admission for people 13-and-up is $25 and Cruise-In tickets are $60, which includes a driver, an adult passenger and any kids under 12 (are free). For Dodge owners, Cruise-In is free, and this is something that I have done at Roadkill Nights Detroit with my Hellcat Challenger the past few years. It is pretty great, as you get to park in the heart of the program and show off your Dodge, and it is free. In Detroit, there is only a limited number of free Dodge Cruise-In registrations available, so if you are definitely going to the event, register soon. As of noon on Saturday, February 11, they are not sold out, but they do sell out for Detroit.

Click here for more information on buying tickets for the event.

Now, if you have a Dodge product that you would like to take drag racing at the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas event, you must apply to do so. Since there is only a limited number of racing entries (they accept around a hundred in Detroit), every prospective racer must apply with information on their racing experience and their vehicle. Those who are picked will have to pay $150 entry fee, but the winner of each of the two classes (Big Tire and Small Tire) wins $3,000, runners-up take home $1,500, semifinalists get $750 and the quickest Dodge in each class gets an additional $1,000.

Click here for more drag racing registration information.


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