Runnin’ Hyde teaser may foreshadow serious debut

Dodge is teasing a final 2023 “Last Call” special edition, with the first video teaser arriving today. The car will likely be more than a sticker-and-spoiler edition, given its reveal at the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas reveal at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. That would be quite a serious shindig for a cosmetic package.

Dodge’s press release explained that the video’s is based on “the powerful metamorphosis fueling the core of the ultimate Dodge special-edition vehicle.” Mr. Hyde was famously a version of Dr. Jekyl consisting of his repressed inner desires and anti-Victorian thoughts, an idea repeated many times since in both comedy and fantasy since Robert Louis Stevenson wrote it.

The video is just 30 seconds long, so there’s no real excuse for not watching it. No actual information is given, though, just the transformation.

A live stream feed of the reveal will be available at Event activities will include Small Tire and Big Tire drag racing on The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Dodge Thrill Rides and simulators, a car show and sponsor/vendor midway areas, a post-event concert/afterglow and more. Ticket purchase and registration is now open at

See a full explanation of the imagery!

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