STLA betting big on electrified DCTs

Stellantis is betting big on electrified dual-clutch automatic transmissions (eDCTs) developed by Peugeot and Punch Powertrain.

EP6 Peugeot engine for Stellantis STLA Medium 1.6 hybrids

In addition to an American production plant, which will be making the setup for the STLA Medium platform in a few years, Stellantis is retooling the massive Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin to make the transmissions. The current plan is to start making them in Turin in the second half of 2024—roughly a year to a year and a half from now—reaching 600,000 units per year. The large plant will also house parts recycling.

Punch Powertrain, based in Belgium, will remain a partner as these production lines are set up. Stellantis’ French transmission plant in Metz is also being set up to make the hybrid automatic, with about the same output as Turin.

The modular transmissions use a 48V hybrid motor, a high-voltage plug-in hybrid motor, or no motor at all, for combustion engines. This allows its use in different ways with more than 90% of the components being the same in all cases.  (Original article: Ward’s Auto, via Allpar.)

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