STLA investing another $155 million in Indiana plants for EVs

Stellantis, which includes FCA US, the former Chrysler, has decided to build its electric drive modules (EDM) at Kokomo, Indiana-area plants. The EDM is an all-in-one solution for electric vehicles; making them in Indiana will keep 265 jobs intact at three plants (Indiana Transmission, Kokomo Transmission, and Kokomo Casting).

Ram and Jeep Electric Drive Module

The gearbox cover will be cast at Kokomo Casting and machined at Kokomo Transmission, with gear machining and assembly at Indiana Transmission. Production is to start in late 2024, likely supporting electric Ram 1500s, Jeep Wagoneer S (whatever the production name will be), and possibly electric Chargers along with other vehicles.

Overall, the company has invested nearly $3.3 billion in Indiana since 2020, including a battery joint venture with Samsung SDI. The investment supports plans for electric Rams (likely ProMasters) by the end of this year and the first fully electric Jeep in 2024, along with the gradual shift of Chrysler (the marque) to all-electrics by 2030.

Around half of all FCA US vehicles will still be at least partly gasoline-powered or diesel-powered in 2030, according to past plan announcements.


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