The Newest Dodge Last Call Teaser Includes a Numeric Hint

This afternoon, Dodge released the second teaser video for the final Dodge Last Call muscle car, which will debut on March 20th at the Las Vegas Roadkill Nights event. While Dodge is calling this the second teaser video , it is actually the third teaser-type videos pertaining to the final Last Call special edition Dodge, since the company announced the series of teaser videos with a teaser video. We have included links to the first two at the bottom of this piece.

Dodge Last Call Scale Teaser

The latest video teaser of the Dodge Last Call special edition car that will debut later this month is titled “Density Matters”. The video begins with a look at a balance mass scale with a shadowy figure on each plate. On the left, it appears to the the leprechaun from the beginning of the previous video and on the right, it appears to be the angrier leprechaun from the end of the last video.

As the lights over each figure click on, the scale readout in front of the figures begins to climb and the right side plate begins to tip towards the side of the angrier leprechaun. The readout climbs to 7.1 pounds and stops as an alarm goes off in the background.

Dodge Last Call Scale Teaser

Check out the video below and tell us in the comment section what you think this Dodge Last Call teaser means.

Dodge Last Call Teaser Series Preview (First Teaser Video) – Click to open

First Official Dodge Last Call Teaser Video – Click to open

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