Third Dodge Last Call Teaser Video Drops More Numeric Clues

This afternoon, the third teaser video for the seventh and final 2023 Dodge Last Call special edition muscle car arrived on the brand’s YouTube channel. For those following along in the latest teaser process, this is actually the fourth video, as the series of teasers was introduced with a teaser video of sorts.

Dodge Last Call Leprechaun

The newest teaser is titled “Scream @ 215 mph” and it starts off with the angry leprechaun from the previous two videos, with glowing gold eye. A few seconds in, a hand from off-screen holds up what appears to be a handheld racing weather meter. The hand holds it up to the angry leprechaun and when he screams through it, the readout lights up with the following information:

Dodge Last Call Leprechaun


What does that mean? We don’t know, but if you have an idea, let us know in the comments.

Dodge Last Call Special Edition Teaser Series

As a reminder, the first video introduced us to the teaser process for the final special edition provided us with the schedule of teasers leading up to the big debut on March 20 in Las Vegas. The only real clue in that video was a creepy face, which really didn’t tell us much.

The second video and the first official teaser for the final Dodge Last Call special edition car revealed that the creepy face from the introduction video was a leprechaun. The leprechaun in the teaser video is hooked to a medical drip bag and when he turns it on, the yellow fluid in the bag begins to flow into his body. Shortly after, the leprechaun’s eyes turn red and begin to shoot lightning, and when the lightning ends, we see a larger, more sinister leprechaun before the video ends.

The second teaser video, which debuted last week, began with the two leprechauns standing on a balance scale. A few seconds into the video, the more sinister leprechaun seemingly gets heavier, tipping the scales his way as a digital readout on the front of the scale climbs to 7.1. 7.1 what? We aren’t sure yet, but many people online believe that it relates to the boost levels of the final special edition car.

Click any of the links below to check out the first three videos.

Dodge Last Call Event Teaser Series Introduction

Dodge Last Call Special Edition Teaser #1

Dodge Last Call Special Edition Teaser #2

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