Tickets for the Dodge Last Call Roadkill Event are Still Available

It is widely known that on March 20th, Dodge will debut the seventh and final Last Call special edition muscle car at the Roadkill Nights event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Over the course of the past week, many people have posted on social media about receiving an invitation to the event from Dodge and in reading the comments about these invitations, it is apparent that quite a few people think that the event is an invite-only affair. That is not the case.

Roadkill Nights Vegas by Dodge

The people receiving invitations from Dodge get access to a VIP area that we suspect is similar to the VIP area at the Detroit Roadkill Nights event and they get into the event for free, but they are not the only people permitted to attend the debut of the final Dodge Last Call special edition car. That vehicle will be introduced during a special presentation that starts at 6pm during the Roadkill Nights event, so everyone who attends Roadkill Nights Vegas will be there for the big debut.

General admission tickets for every 13 and over costs $25 to walk in while a Cruise-In ticket – which gets your vehicle into the display area and includes entry for two adults – costs $60. Admission for kids 12 and under it free, whether they are entering on foot with an adult with a general admission ticket or riding in with a Cruise-In participant. The free Dodge Cruise-In tickets are sold out, but if you want to go to Las Vegas for the March 20th event, you do not need a special invitation, you only need to buy a $25 ticket.

Roadkill Nights Vegas by Dodge Schedule

The gates to Las Vegas Motor Speedway open at noon on March 20th for the Roadkill Nights Vegas event and at that point, the drag racing program begins, thrill rides and Dodge driving simulators open and all of the concessions stands will open. The drag racing program continues until 5pm when the racing ends and the aware ceremony begins. As mentioned above, the Dodge Last Call debut begins at 6pm and the gates close at 9pm.

Click here for information on buying tickets for the Roadkill Nights Vegas event and the debut of the final Dodge Last Call special edition muscle car.


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