Why Jeep Wranglers caught fire on the Indiana car carrier

Yesterday, photos from the Illinois Toll Road’s social media feed made a stir as a car carrier loaded mainly with new Jeeps was clearly on fire. Two Wranglers were most badly burned, and one of them was a 4xe, which could have stirred some anti-EV hate. An inquiry to Stellantis North America media relations yielded no answers.

Wrangler car fire

The people at the Allpar forums are more attentive, and found the root cause of the fire—also noting that the center of the fire wasn’t the lithium-ion battery of the Wrangler 4xe.

The fire, oddly enough, was caused by a tire fire on the carrier (possibly caused by an overheating brake). The fire ended up being contained, and only three of the vehicles on the carrier were badly damaged—according to the Westfield fire department, which responded quickly to the blaze.

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