Camp Jeep still coming to NYC

While there won’t be any Jeep presence at the massive Chicago Auto Show this month, Camp Jeep will still be a feature of the New York Auto Show.

camp jeep 2023

Camp Jeep is the most visible display at the New York Auto Show, greeting visitors before they even come through the door—while providing a spectacle to passing New Yorkers who may only be trying to get out of the city via bus or tunnel.

Wrangler experience at Camp Jeep

The exhibit has only become more visible to New Yorkers with the creation of the Hudson Yards complex. That replaced a variety of small buildings housing taxi depots and other relatively low-traffic businesses; it is a tourist attraction as well as a residential, business, and shopping center.

Camp Jeep with Grand Cherokee

While the venue is enormous, the Chicago Auto Show does present some challenges, such as being held in Chicago in the wintertime. The sheer size of the convention center also seems to mandate a large display, adding to the cost.

camp jeep wrangler breakover test

Stellantis told Automotive News’ Vince Bond, Jr. that they would indeed keep Camp Jeep, placing the blame everywhere but Auburn Hills, Turin, or Paris (Rueil).  The company has not yet decided whether it would join September’s Detroit auto show, and seemed to imply that they would only be in New York with Camp Jeep—not with any unveilings (though many new vehicles are being launched in 2024) nor with anything inside.

Stellantis has put participation in car shows in dealers’ hands; they will be present at February’s Toronto show, both indoors and with Camp Jeep. Toronto dealers are paying the costs for that, since Camp Jeep drew 26,000 people.

Photos are from Camp Jeep New York.

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