FCA preferred bank Santander hacked with 30 million customers exposed

According to the BBC, the gang which recently hacked Ticketmaster is auctioning off data which they claim contains the personal details of 30 million customers, with 6 million account numbers and balances, 28 million credit card numbers, and staff HR information.


Santander has confirmed that data has been stolen but suggested it was confined to Chile, Spain, and Uruguay on the customer end. Santander’s statement from earlier this month claimed that no banking details or passwords were leaked, and the hacker group, ShinyHunters, has not claimed to have any passwords (these are usually stored in encoded form).

The BBC reported that a cybersecurity company, Hudson Rock, believes the Santander and Ticketmaster breaches were both linked to information stolen from cloud-storage company Snowflake. Snowflake appeared to deny this in its response.

Fiat’s and Fiat Chrysler’s preferred bank for car loans was Santander. Sergio Marchionne stated on several occasions that he felt owning a credit division made for conflicts between the demands for financing profits and the demands for car profits. It is possible that no car loan customers are in the stolen data; and the very existence of stolen data has not been verified. Original BBC story.

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