Holy mackerel, do we have recalls for you!

Every week, the NHTSA releases American recalls for cars, motorcycles, RVs, and commercial vehicles. Normally, most of the recalls are for commercial and recreational vehicles, but this week automakers upped their game and issued a surprisingly wide range of goof-fixes.


At Ford, we have misaligned cruise control modules which can slam on the brakes for imaginary objects or ignore real potential crashes. Slamming on the brakes on a highway can obviously cause a crash, so watch out if you are behind a 2023-24 Ford Escape; so can suddenly downshifting to first gear, as the 2014 Ford F-150 pickup seems to do. This recall affects over half a million vehicles in the US alone.

Moving on to Land Rover, the 2024 Defender, Discovery Range Rover, Sport, and Velar are all subject to fires due to oil leaks from their gasoline engine. The same recall applies to the 2024 Jaguar F-Pace.

Tesla Cybertrucks had two oddball problems which don’t usually affect modern cars: the trunk bed trim can fall off, and the front windshield wiper (there is only one, for whatever reason) can fail.

Rivian electric pickup

Rival electric automaker Rivian recalled both its models from 2022-23 for a somewhat less sserious issue—the wrong weight capacity printed on the labels. This is a surprisingly common recall across automakers. The bankrupt Fisker recalled the few 2023-24 Oceans it’s made, for door handles which can stick and refuse to open.

At GM, which has generally upped its quality game under engineer-CEO Mary Barra, 2023-25 Cadillac XT instrument panels may not light up. At the even more highly regarded Toyota, side curtain airbags may not unroll correctly, deploying outside the window rather than inside the car; this affects over 145,000 vehicles in the US—the 2024 Lexus TX and Toyota Grand Highlander, both gasoline and hybrid versions.

Volkswagen kept its hand in with two recalls, one for non-functional airbags in the 2021-24 Atlas (including the Cross Sport), and one for tearing and leaking front brake hoses in the 2022-24 E-Tron GT, including the RS. Various 2022-24 vee-dubs were also recalled for nonfunctional rear-view cameras, another surprisingly widespread issue.

Nissan recalled a wide fariety of 2011-19 Infiniti models because, of all thigns, the driveshaft can break, resulting in lack of movement or rolling from park. Only 7,222 vehicles in the United States are affected, despite the wide range of years. The 2024 Nissan Frontier was also recalled because the ball joint can come loose, sending the vehicle out of control.

Finally, FCA US had a single recall: on the 2014-19 Fiat 500, the tire pressure warning lights may not work.

Recalls are all done free of charge by dealers; you can look them up on car company Web sites or at the NHTSA site.

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