Stellantis joins with research group for in-house battery tech

Stellantis has renewed its relationship with France’s research institution CEA to work on an in-house design for next-generation battery cells. The end goal is more affordable and sustainable electric cars; the method is a multiple year R&D program on battery cells.

CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission)

CEA has over 25 years of experience in lithium-ion batteries; Stellantis has worked with them for 20 years on other projects, including fuel cells and battery modeling.

The CEA is a government-funded agency which conducts research in a variety of fields; founded by Charles de Gaulle as the Atomic Energy Commission, the CEA is currently the Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energies. It works in defense, information technology, and health as well as energy, and has a roughly $6 billion budget. Its 2010 name change did not alter its acronym.

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