Stellantis working on US version of “circular economy”

In France, where automakers must deal with end-of-life vehicles, Stellantis created a joint venture dubbed Valorauto with recycler Galloo. Their service takes in their end-of-life cars, regardless of powertrain, in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, at no cost to dealers. It recycles the aluminum wheels, fluids, and other parts.

circular economy (cradle to cradle)

Using knowledge from this setup, Stellantis now has a recycling channel for aluminum-alloy wheels in North America, partnering with Real Alloy. The wheels are collected from dealers and used as secondary aluminum for new engine or transmission components at Kokomo.

Reclaiming fluids has resulted in two new products. The first is windshield washer fluid, using alcohol from recycled industrial solvents without colorants; it is effective at up to –20°C and has less environmental impact than methanol/ethanol washers. The second is a coolant made with mono-ethylene glycol, recycled from industrial production waste, free of nitrates, borates, amines, and silicates. It provides rust protection and anti-freezing to –25°C. It can be used in Stellantis vehicles as well as other brands.

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