Brazilian Jeep plant demolished

In 1952, Willys created a subsidiary in Brazil; its first engines came off the line in 1956 for local Jeeps, with local production of cars starting in 1958. These were the “Hurricane Six,” a mere 161 cubic inches (2.6 liters), with a single barrel carburetor and 90 gross horsepower output (around 50-70 net horsepower). Willys …

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Mopar brands rising dramatically in dealer satisfaction

Last year, Mopar brands trawled the depths of the J.D. Power™ dealership satisfaction numbers. This year, while the Chrysler brand itself is still down in the dumps, the others have improved quite a bit—which Automotive News credited to initiatives from new CEO Carlos Tavares. In a rather stunning development, Dodge leaped up to the top …

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The 22-2022-Ram recall

2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn

Ram is recalling 22 2022 pickups. All two-dozen Ram 1500s were made with the wrong systems and will not effectively defrost their windshields, making it a safety issue. Ram Big Horn pictured but we have no idea which vehicles are actually affected. It seems more likely it would be base models. The recall does not …

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1971-72 review: strategy, buyers’ thoughts, under the hood, and all the cars

motales 1970s stories

Motales has done a 1971-72 Mopar extravaganza this week, with four different articles covering various aspects of the late-muscle Mopars—and how decisions made then could have prevented the bailout. The first in the series covers an effort to change Chrysler’s product strategy, so they would focus on a smaller number of cars—fixing customers’ complaints and …

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Americans can still buy Fiats (with a fabric roof)

T4 firefly GSE 1.3 turbo engine

Americans can still buy Fiats, as long as they take a 500X, with the 1.3 liter turbocharged engine and nine-speed automatic transmission. New for 2022 are a retractable fabric roof on every trim levels, and in black, red, gray, or, for the Yacht Club Capri, blue. The Yacht Club Capri, since you asked, is a …

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Chrysler giving up on Australia

Chrysler 300C Australia

Once again, Chrysler is leaving Australia. With this move, drivers Down Under will have to pay over $100,000 to get a V8 engine in their car—and the 392-powered Chrysler 300 SRT, not to mention right-hand-drive Chryslers, will leave production. Dealers have an inventory of around 30 cars, according to, which broke the news. The …

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Police catch Windsor bomber

pacifica at Windsor body shop

An explosion and fire yesterday at the Windsor Assembly Plant, which makes Pacifica, Caravan, and Voyager minivans, has been confirmed by police, who said it appeared to be intentional. Arson investigators found a “suspicious package that detonated,” according to the CBC. Windsor, Ontario police have arrested a suspect, and he is not one of the …

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Two new engines for American Mopars

T4 1.3 turbo GSE engine

Two new engines are getting much closer to production for American Mopars. Each replaces an engine which has been around for quite some time, but isn’t quite living up to its potential. 1.5 turbo should be a good drop-in replacement for the 2.4 First we have the long-awaited turbo six-cylinder, based on the GME architecture …

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