Jeep Grand Wagoneer to Debut on March 11th, Previewed Today

The new Jeep Grand Wagoneer will make its formal debut online on March 11th, which was announced on the brand’s official Facebook page this morning. That announcement included four pictures of what the post claims is a preproduction model, but with some distinct differences from the concept vehicle, this is very likely our first look at features of the production-spec Grand Wagoneer.

Preproduction Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Three of the pictures posted to social media this morning are relatively unremarkable, showing aspects of the upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer that we expected. This includes seats with premium leather, the McIntosh speaker system and a panel making it clear that this is the Grand Wagoneer. The post uses the hashtag “Wagoneer”, but the logo shown on the flat panel points out that this is a “Grand” model.

Grand Wagoneer Preproduction

Grand Wagoneer Preproduction

Grand Wagoneer Preproduction

The most important picture of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer shared this morning shows the headlight and a portion of the grille (shown above), along with part of the hood and the passenger’s side fender. At first glance, it looks just like the concept, but when you look at this preproduction Grand Wagoneer next to the concept, there are some clear differences. Those differences seem to be small changes that make the vehicle more “production friendly”, so while this might be a preproduction model, we expect that this is the front end of the new Grand Wagoneer that will be sold at your local dealership.

Grand Wagoneer Front End Differences

Below, we have stacked the driver’s side headlight of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer that was introduced in 2020 on top of the passenger’s side headlight and grille area of the preproduction model shown on Facebook this morning. The hood and fender appear to be more or less identical to each other and the headlight and grille are the same basic shape, but there are many changes from concept to preproduction.

Grand Wagoneer Concept and Preproduction

Starting at the top of each picture, the upper area of the grille of the concept was flush to the edge of the hood, but on the preproduction model, the grille appears to be tucked under the hood a bit. In this same area, it looks as though the “Wagoneer” grille badge will sadly not light up.

Moving down a bit, the Grand Wagoneer Concept has a bright LED accent light that spans the entire top of the grille and the upper portion of the headlight assemblies. On the preproduction model, there is LED light trim in the headlights, but it does not extend across the grille. Also, the LED lighting that extends down between each of the seven large slots in the grille appear to be gone, so many of the slick lighting elements of the concept don’t appear to have made it to production.

Speaking of the headlights, the preproduction headlight assemblies appear to have larger dual LED lighting units than the concept, with the entire assembly being larger than the concept design. The zig-zag design from the bottom of the concept headlights is gone, which allows for the larger headlight lenses and internal components.

Finally, the grille itself has a slight different shape, with the outer slots being boxier than the concept design, which includes a slightly revised front fascia to accommodate the reshaped grille. Also, where the concept had chrome bars running top-to-bottom in each of the grille slots, the preproduction model has a spread of staggered rectangles.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will debut on March 11th at 12 noon EST, and you will be able to find all of your key details on that – and all of your other Mopar news – right here on Stellpower.

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