The 22-2022-Ram recall

Ram is recalling 22 2022 pickups. All two-dozen Ram 1500s were made with the wrong systems and will not effectively defrost their windshields, making it a safety issue.

2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn
Ram Big Horn pictured but we have no idea which vehicles are actually affected. It seems more likely it would be base models. The recall does not mention whether affected trucks are the Classic (DS) or modern (DT) versions.

In essence, the climate control and radio combination won’t allow users to active the defroster. This issue affects a limited number of Rams made from October 1 through October 7. The issue was detected on November 3 and the decision to recall was made on November 4, and was not due to a defect but an engineering release error.

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Notifications are planned by 12/30/2021 at the latest. So far the actual remedy is unknown to us, but all 22 affected owners (plus anyone in Canada, Australia, etc who may have the same issue, possibly adding at least a handful of others) may want to figure out some alternative way to defog or defrost their windshields.

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